7 Ton Log Splitter Wood Cutter

In any market, you can always rent anything your little heart desires, from furniture to appliances, tools and even cars. Therefore you could go and rent a log splitter every time you need to get your wood ready for the coming winter. Or you could buy your own and never have to worry about renting another one. For a single family dwelling, you do not need a massive, power splitter, just something that will make this exhausting task a little easier. A good wood splitter for this type of use would be a 7 Ton Log Splitter Wood Cutter made by PowerHouse.

This log splitter is a very easy machine to operate, you plug it into a regular outlet or extension cord, and you are ready to begin chopping your pile. With this electric model, you will never have to worry about running out of gas in the middle of your project, and if you will never have a problem trying to start it as long as none of your electrical connections are damaged. This model is designed low to the ground so it is very easy to load logs of any size, although, it is also lighter than most splitter models so it can be safely used on the ground, or you can place it on a bench for easier access, with smaller logs as well to prevent strain on your back.

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This is a great splitter as well because it can be used outside, or in a shed, garage, or workshop without having to worry about harmful gas fumes. This machine helps to eliminate injuries as it is made with the thought that anyone should be able to operate it without getting hurt. This machine requires two hands to operate, one on each lever to engage the pushing ram.

It will automatically retreat when you remove your hand from the lever so you can load the next log without losing any time pulling it back to the starting position. That is also a safety feature so you will never have any body parts between the ram and the wedge. It takes roughly six seconds for the ram and wedge to split a hardwood log with a diameter of twenty centimeters. Once the log is split the ram goes back to the original beginning within 5 seconds.