The advantages of a thin veneer

Brick veneers are a great option for the exterior of a house, and a thin brick veneer can be obtained at a good cost and, provided the correct provider is used, will last for many years longer than other types of veneer. Although brick veneer – or any veneer – isn’t essential in any house, it certainly aids in its attractiveness and will add a substantial amount to the retail price of the property.

A thin brick veneer is installed separately to the main structural wall of the house, and in no way does it influence the structural safety. Instead, it is purely aesthetic and is therefore totally tailored to the homeowner’s tastes. It is important, however, to think carefully about what the veneer was chosen will look like on the house – even if it looks good to the homeowner, it may not be to most people’s taste and therefore cause the house price to suffer, instead of going up like it is supposed to.


Thin brick veneers are a much better choice than metal veneers or vinyl veneers. This is due to some reasons. Firstly, brick veneers are much more durable than their other counterparts. Vinyl veneer is very week in comparison and is therefore very easily damaged – any hard objects that hit the side of the house can damage and dent this type of veneer. Vinyl veneers also need cleaning on a regular basis as they are very susceptible to marks and smudges, resulting in a lot of maintenance for the homeowner. Whilst metal veneers are a lot stronger than vinyl, and they still can dent under any pressure, which can be a huge problem and cause the outside of a house to look ugly and uncared for. Metal veneers also scratch easily, and these scratches are very difficult to remove.

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The best part about a brick veneer is that it does not suffer from any of the issues listed above. Strength wise it is incredibly strong and will not be dented or broken by anything other than a sledgehammer, meaning that it will look intact and new for a lot longer than the other types. Due to its texture scratches also don’t show up, ensuring the side of the house always looks clean and cared for. The only maintenance needed is the very occasional wash with soap and water to remove any accumulated dirt from it. The only type of veneer that is comparable to this is a stone veneer, but one of these will likely cost a lot more than a brick veneer.

In conclusion, a brick veneer is a great choice for a homeowner who is looking for an easy to maintain, yet attractive element to add an extra dimension to the outside of their house. There are many suppliers of this service, and numbers can be easily located on the internet. Thin brick veneer installation isn’t too hard, and you will be happy with the aesthetic results.